Our client was a HGV driver who was slowing down due to traffic ahead on the road, when the vehicle he was driving was hit from behind by another HGV.  He sustained injuries to his neck, back and legs, leaving him with symptoms which were expected to take up to 2 years to settle aided by physiotherapy treatment.  We were able to recover personal injury compensation for him of £8,100.

A brief summary of events is set out below.

Date of Accident:  June 2015

Time between formal instruction and successful conclusion:  We took on the case in September 2016 and settled it just 3 months later.

How the claim proceeded:  Our client did not contact us for over a year following his accident, but was still suffering with symptoms from his injuries when he did so.  Once he had completed our contractual documents, we sent a comprehensive Claim Notification Form via a secure electronic portal to the other driver’s insurers detailing why we held their driver responsible.

Less than 3 weeks later the insurers had admitted liability for the accident and offered to fund rehabilitation treatment for our client to aid his recovery.  In order to ascertain the extent of his injuries and his rehabilitation needs, we made arrangements for him to be examined by a General Practitioner.

At the end of October 2016, we received a comprehensive written report from the GP, detailing our client’s injuries, his ongoing symptoms and his prognosis for a full recovery.  The GP’s opinion was that all of his symptoms should have settled within 2 years of the accident, with the assistance of physiotherapy treatment.  We notified the insurers of the medical expert’s recommendations and requested that they make the appropriate rehabilitation arrangements.

We compiled a list of our client’s financial losses since the accident, and along with the medical evidence, were then able to fully value his claim for compensation.  We submitted a settlement proposal to the insurers via the secure electronic portal in late November 2016 and just over 3 weeks later had settled the case to our client’s satisfaction.

Were Court proceedings necessary?:  No.

Outcome:   The client secured £7,700 for his injuries and £400 for his financial losses, including the cost of the physiotherapy treatment recommended by the medical expert to aid his recovery.

Comment: Rear end shunts are one of the most common forms of road accidents, but when they involve heavy goods vehicles, the outcome for those involved can sometimes be a lot more serious.  Thankfully, our client’s injuries were not life changing and with rehabilitation treatment he expected to make a full recovery.


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