Published in CV Driver April 2017.

Continuing his series of articles, solicitor Steven Hinchliffe (owner of the truckers’ “go to” Personal Injury specialists HINCHLIFFES SOLICITORS) highlights another type of accident suffered by professional drivers and their colleagues, where his firm has successfully secured compensation for the injured victim.  See the “Latest News” blog link on the homepage of the firm’s website at for all of his previous articles.

You do not need to be a professional driver to seek our help – anyone hurt in an accident (eg your family or friends) can contact us for advice.


How the Accident Happened

In April 2006 an HGV driver was securing his trailer loaded with pallets.  There was very little space to move around the load and while securing the last pallet, he stepped backwards, caught his foot on a protruding wooden plank, lost his balance and fell off the trailer.  There were long wooden planks on the trailer that acted as bearers when large beams were transported.  The driver had asked his employer that they either be secured by straps, put in a cage on the trailer or removed altogether when not required, but the response was that they must stay as they were when not in use.

The Injuries

The driver sustained injuries to his right knee as it struck the trailer and to his right leg.  He ultimately needed a steroid injection and could not work for three weeks.

How the Claim Progressed

The driver contacted us three months after his accident and, having agreed to represent him, we wrote to his employer setting out the basis of the claim.  While waiting for their insurers to respond, we obtained copies of his medical records and arranged for an examination with an A&E Consultant.

In early November 2006, the insurers confirmed that, having investigated the matter, they accepted full responsibility for the accident.  Two weeks later, we received the medical expert’s written report.  He confirmed that as a result of the accident, and in particular the heavy blow to his right knee, the driver suffered acute symptoms for a period of nearly three months.  At the time of examination, the A&E Consultant’s opinion was that the driver’s initial symptoms had by then improved by 80% and the remaining symptoms would continue to improve, with a full recovery likely to be achieved within 13 months of the accident.

Based on the medical evidence and details of the driver’s accident-related financial losses, we were able to value his claim.  With the driver’s approval, we sent the medical report and a schedule of the financial losses to the insurers and invited their settlement proposals.  Just one week later they made an offer to settle the claim very close to our valuation, and at a level the driver accepted.

The Compensation Recovered

The driver accepted total compensation of £3,000.


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