If an accident while at work is caused by a breach of duty of your employer, by a negligent work colleague or due to a third party then you could have a personal injury compensation claim.

If an accident at work is caused by the negligence of your employer or a work colleague, a work accident compensation claim can be made against your employer, who is responsible for your safety and the actions of other employees.

Employers have a duty of care towards employees (and to a lesser extent to all other visitors on their premises) to ensure that the workplace meets minimum safety standards.  You may have been provided with faulty equipment or have received inadequate training for your job.  If you have had an accident at work and sustained an injury that could otherwise have been avoided, you may be able to make an accident at work claim for financial compensation.

We know that an accident at work can be a traumatic experience and we will help and advise you during every step of your compensation claim.

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Accidents at Work

Accidents at work  include:-

  • Falling, slipping or tripping
  • Due to unguarded or faulty machinery
  • Defective premises or equipment
  • Lifting or manually handling items
  • Inadequate safety or protective equipment
  • An assault by another worker

Work Related Diseases

Each year thousands of people suffer from illnesses or diseases caused by their working conditions or practices, and for which they may be able to claim personal injury compensation against their employer.  Your employer (by their insurers) for whom you were working when you contracted the disease will be liable to compensate you  if they were aware, or ought to have been aware, of the risk that you might become ill but still failed to protect you.

Mesothelioma cases in particular require a specialist lawyer.  Such claims can be complicated and require compassion and support for both the person suffering from the disease and also close relatives and friends.

Diseases or Illnesses leading to Successful Claims include:-

  1. Deafness
  2. Exposure to dust/fumes
  3. Asbestos related conditions (Mesothelioma)
  4. Repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  5. Skin conditions (eg dermatitis)
  6. Hand or arm vibration syndrome/vibration white finger
  7. Asthma

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