If you have been injured in a Slip, Trip or Fall Accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to claim Personal Injury Compensation.

Health and Safety standards are designed to ensure public safety on the highway, at work and in other premises such as shops and supermarkets, but slips, trips and falls still frequently happen when standards are not adhered to .

Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents can happen in the following situations:-

On Business Premises

  • Such as in shops, hotels, restaurants, factories and offices.  Accidents can be caused by wet or slippery floors, worn floor coverings and obstructions.  Accidents often occur in badly maintained car parks.

On the Pavement or the Road

  • Common examples are potholes in pavements, roads and publicly maintained car parks.  Accidents often happen because the area is uneven, pitted, worn or in a poor state of repair.  Claims are usually made against the local Highway Authority responsible for maintaining the area.

Many people feel very embarrassed when they fall and often think it must be their fault for not looking ahead properly. Sometimes it is, but you are not expected to be looking down at your feet all the time.  A town centre pavement should be in very good order and without any significant wants of repair.  Similarly, the floor of your workplace should be free of defects and debris.  Broadly speaking, if there is a significant defect it is worth checking with us to see if you have a claim.

If you are a Professional Driver and injured in a trip, slip of fall accident while working please visit our dedicated Professional Drivers page.

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