If you have had a General Accident, suffered an Industrial Disease or other Sickness, you may be entitled to claim Personal Injury Compensation.

Holiday Accident or Illness

If you were on holiday and had an accident, so long as what you were doing at the time was part of the “holiday package” and booked through the tour operator, you may be able to claim compensation against them as they are responsible for the shortcomings of the agents and hotels they use. This applies if your holiday was abroad, in the UK or on a cruise ship. Typical accident injuries suffered are:-

  • While on an excursion
  • Due to food poisoning
  • While in a hotel or resort
  • While in your hotel room or bathroom
  • While taking part in sports/leisure activities (eg diving or skiing)

Injury caused by Animals

If you have been injured by an uncontrolled animal and the cause was not your fault, you may be entitled to claim against the owner or keeper. Animal owners and keepers have a duty to ensure that their animals do not cause injuries otherwise they could be liable to pay compensation to the person injured.

Guard dogs should be with an experienced handler and there must be visible warning notices. Animal injuries are often caused by:-

  1. Dogs
  2. Horses
  3. Ferrets
  4. Cows
  5. Bulls

Sport or Leisure Injury Accidents

Everyone taking part in sports or other recreational pastimes has to take reasonable care. Accidents that occur during the normal “rough and tumble” of the game are not normally found to be acts of negligence, but reckless or malicious conduct could lead to a successful claim for compensation. Sport or Leisure Accidents can include:-

  1. Defects in playing surfaces
  2. Defective or unsafe facilities or equipment
  3. Inadequate instruction, training or supervision
  4. Reckless, malicious or violent conduct by competitors

Injury caused by Defective Products

The exact cause could be because of poor materials, design defects, misleading instructions, defective containers or packaging. Defective Product accidents can include include:-

  1. Food poisoning
  2. Injuries to children from unsafe toys
  3. Injuries caused by faulty electrical goods or defective tools
  4. Road accidents caused by defective parts or poor servicing
  5. Injuries due to faulty workmanship

Claims made by Tenants

Both social housing and private tenants have the right to claim against their landlord in certain circumstances where the landlord has been in breach of regulations relating to the maintenance of the building and the prevention of defects.

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